Friday, May 1, 2009

The Amazing Adventures of Koy and Hudson

I can't explain what a joy it is that Koy and Hudson are such great buddies! It is so much fun to watch them interact together and just be best buddies. Their newest adventure was the wonderful Snake Derby. Well as Lynsey and I venture off pulling our boys in the wagon to the Flea, Snake, and Smoker infested waters we realize that our boys are getting so big. First off the wagon was alot lighter to pull last year.

We made it down and got the boys $ 4.00 corn dogs (may have been more) which they both just wanted the hot dog on a stick, we walked around to notice that it is just the same ole' derby. Don't get me wrong it was so much fun to listen to the boys say, " LOOK AT THE CARNIBAL!" $20.00 later and it was off to ride some rides. Koy was really excited to ride but Hudson was a little hesitant. One juice spill, a ride on the Horse, and two Train Rides it was time to hit the hay. Lynsey and I layed the boys down for a nap, and it was some time for a little mommy time. One hour later, and they where out for the count. That night we went to the Street Dance, the boys had more fun jumping in water puddles then they did listening and dancing to the music. All in All it was a great day at the Derby with "The Boys!"

Dying Easter Eggs!

Clean Up Time!

Well, until the next Adventure!


Friday, February 13, 2009


I can't tell you how shocked I was to hear that my handsome little boy won this years Mr. Valentine. On Wednesday morning on my way to work Joy called to tell my the exciting news that Mason and Koy both won this year. I was surprised because I didn't put him in the paper, I forgot. You can always count on Grammie. When I called Donna I asked her if she put Koy in the paper. She was in Oklahoma City and had no idea Koy won! Oh, when I told her I think that she woke every person in her hotel up cheering. This women amazes me on all that she does! She put her boys in the paper, went to Springfield to a fabulous women's 50th birthday, was in the city all week, and now making a birthday cake for Taylon! Well, we are off to Oklahoma City this weekend to go to Taylon's birthday and to have a romantic Valentine with my husband!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, I just thought that I would thank everyone who prayed for us why Koy was in the hospital. Last week Koy was placed in the Hospital for Stomatits. He ran a 103.1 fever and had probably a ruff estimate of 40 canker sores. It was so sad watching him lay there in pain screaming mommy and I couldn't do anything. They had to give him morphine for pain, an anti viral medication, and tons of fluids. He pulled is IV out twice and by the third time they where going to stick him he started drinking. He is doing so much better, THANK THE LORD! I just wanted to tell everyone Thank you so much for everything! My mom was here for the week and I didn't get to spend much time with her but it was so helpful that she was there when we got home. Koy was supper bummed though, because he was not able to go to Hud's Big Birthday Bash! He knows that he will get to play with him this weekend so he was OK after that. Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, January 9, 2009

3 and 89

We have celebrated yet another birthday or should I say birthdays. Koy and his Great Grandpa Wayne celebrated their birthdays with a bang! Wayne was very surprised at his 89th birthday. Phillip, Koy, Rye, and I went and picked up Wayne where he thought we were going to Bobby and Donnas for dinner. Grandpa was so excited that the Giddens-George-Giddens family was in that he just couldn't wait to get out to Bob and Donna's. If you know Wayne you know that you better be where you say you are going to be, so can you can use you can only imagine what he was saying when we pulled up at the church. Phillip quick on his toes told him we where eating at the church because there wasn't enough room at Donna and Bobby's. When we wheeled Grandpa into the church he had no idea what was going on. After his eyes adjusted to the light he chatted up a storm to all of his guests. Aunt Cheryl made a wonderful DVD of the Wayne Giddens family that the guests enjoyed along with all of us to watch. We then took the celebration to the wonderful Pizza Hut in Mangum America, what a joke. We had a great waitress, Aunt Chreyl! Can you belive that they had 6 people working and Aunt Cheryl had to be our waitress. The next morning everyone said there sad goodbyes and went back to "normal" lives.

Then it was Koy's turn to celebrate a birthday! I can't believe he is already 3, it seems like yesterday that I was holding him in my arms. I am serious 3 years ago today was the first time that Phillip and I got to give Koy an actual bottle without a tube in his throat and we got to hold him in our arms.

Now that I am done being such a sab, I will continue with Koy's 3rd birthday. He was so excited that he was going to have a tractor cake that everything else didn't matter. Grammie to the rescue, she had saved some of cake for Koy's birthday from Grandpas since she is making a big one for his party. Let me tell you that women is creative! We are having his party in Amarillo this year at Chuck-E-Cheese so that my family is able to make it. Koy can't wait for another Tractor Cake from his Grammie and can't wait to see his REED Family. On the night of Koy's birthday we went out and had a little dinner with Bobby and Donna and then Koy opened his presents from them. Koy got so many clothes and a new coat which he needed and a basketball. Koy loves that basketball, he has slept with it every night. Me on the other hand had a wonderful run in with the basketball the other night. Phillip, Koy and I where watching TV and Koy and I fell asleep on the couch. Phillip woke me up so I got up and was going to go and put Koy to bed when all of the sudden I go flying in the air and suddenly crash on the floor. Yes you can call me Grace, that good ole' basketball. He loves it and that is all that matters, even if my whole right side feels like I got hit by a car. Well, I must get packing before Phillip gets home. We are going to go to Amarillo tonight to meet the Brooks family and my Dad. Can't wait to see everyone! HAPPY 2009!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Chicken Bauks

I decided to start this blog because I love how the George/Giddens families keep us up to date with there lives in Missouri. So I thought I would keep everyone up to speed with the "Adventures" of the Giddens family in Oklahoma.

Where to start? Well Phillip and I are definitely on our toes with Mr. Koy Giddens. There is never a dual moment at our house. Between Koy telling us what to do or the hilarious things he comes up with to say! Just the other day Koy informed me that he couldn't go to daycare. I asked him, "Why" he went on to tell me, " I have the Chicken Bauks!" I started laughing because he was so serious. The Chicken Pox have been going around in daycare and Koy's little friend James had them and so he thought he should have them too. It is the latest rage in daycare! Since it was Friday and I didn't have to work I let him stay home. I needed to go and do a couple of things in the BIG town of Mangum. So, as we drove by Sonic Koy informed me again that since he had the Chicken Bauks he needed Chicken Strips and a Sprite. I am so thankful that Sonic serves a full menu all day since it was 8:30 in the morning. I just couldn't break his heart so I let my little man have a great Wacky Pack at 8:30 in morning, and by the great magic of Sonic Koy's Chicken Baucks are gone.

Just the other night Koy and Phillip where feeding the cows and where walking back from the barn. If you know my husband he likes to break out in song and white boy dance every once in awhile. I hear from the porch Phillip singing to Koy, "YOU NEED TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT!" So Koy laughing so loud looking at his dad and starts singing, "I LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT!" So as I am typing this I have the Madagascar sound track on repeat of the song listening to my 2 year old serenade me!

I hope everyone enjoys my new obsession, thanks Chrissy, Ashley, and Aunt Cheryl. Can't wait to see you! We miss you!


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Koy was born January 6, 2006 and is growing like a weed. Phillip and I couldn't ask for anything else in the world! Who would have thought that one person could change your life, like Koy has changed our life.